The Wind Under the Wings of Modern Day Parents

Anamika Sahu, Managing EditorWhat remains unchanged even in the most dreaded situation is the love of a parent for their kids. Even during the modern times, when our family size has shrunk to as small as three or four members including working parents minus the grandparents, the journey of parenthood becomes more complex and adventurous simultaneously. Situation becomes worrisome when both parents have different attitudes towards parenting. With parameters set for successful parents, akin to raising good children who can contribute to the society, the pressure surmounts with each passing day with the toddler becoming kids and then teens.

Challenges for parents too keep growing and diversifying with time. With today’s
parents giving more freedom to their kids to make their own decision and be like friends, the practice many a times backfires leaving vacuum for experienced counselling. Parenting may become more difficult when a child shows sign of behavior issues or if the child has a physical or intellectual disability. Failing in comprehending these needs and providing all that their kids need, may result in guilt feeling and high level of stress among parents. On the other hand, parents are the one who influence their kids the most. But the modern day stress and nerve wrenching work schedules are enough to beat the good in one. Parents too are not left untouched with these.

Hence they seek for expert counselling services that will help them deal with emotional, developmental and behavioral problems that may arise while raising their children. This has propelled the need for parenting counselling that aims to provide the necessary knowledge, tools, guidance and most essentially the support without bias or judgment. Such counselling also offers modalities or therapies that help parents gain a better understanding of their parenting style, face and eventually conquer their personal issues and even restore the family, bringing back harmony and peace in the household.

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