Enriching the Global Cold Chain Logistics Industry

Anamika Sahu, Managing EditorBy now we are quite used to the term ‘Global Village’. We can easily procure the global products, even perishable; thanks to the transport refrigeration industry that is the crucial element of the cold chain logistics for distribution of such goods. From food to high value pharmaceuticals, from cosmetics to industrial chemicals, the need to take these products across the length and breadth of the country is pushing the transport refrigeration industry to new heights.
However, with time, transporting refrigerated products is becoming a science, and the carriers who approach it with this in mind will sustain and emerge winner in this industry in the future. For instance, the current climatic shift more towards longer and hotter summer is throwing a new challenge to the reefer truck drivers to maintain the proper temperature in order for the shipments to arrive at the final destination in a good condition and on time. On the other hand, the moisture and fluctuating temperature in vehicle can also lead to the damage of the goods. The need of the hour is a sensor that can check the moisture and temperature of food or medicines that are transported in such refrigerated vehicles, ships, planes or any other form of transport.

Apart from increasing globalization and technological advancements in refrigeration transport systems and equipments, the rising global population is surely offering a wider growth opportunity to the industry, but at a much faster delivery time frame. Aligning all of these to offer uncompromised and ethical services to the clients is a tough nut to crack. Keeping the increasing trends, opportunities and requirements of the industry in mind, siliconindia has shortlisted ‘20 Most Promising Transport Refrigeration Service Providers - 2018’, who with their fleet of latest, technologically advanced vehicles are on their run to offer best of the services to their clients across the industry.
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