Worqa: The Easiest & the Most Economical Team Work Management App

Bharath T Rameash (Co-Founder & CEO)Kishan Sakhuja (Co-Founder & COO)"What your teammates are working on at the moment?" Post an abrupt daze, when team-managers eventually start to answer this question in the most pragmatic way, a lion share of them, especially from the ever growing small and medium sized business (SMB) sector, would seek the help their office messengers or bank on scattered tools available in the market, just to realize that they are in fact not acquainted with exactly what their teams could possibly be working on at that moment. This lucidly elucidates that even before the companies realize it 'getting work done' takes a back seat amidst all the 'discussions' - a crater that hauls back the SMB sector from pursuing its purple patch.

Having diagnosed this gap through individual hands-on experiences and intricate researches on working paradigms of SMBs across the world, the co-founder buddies of Instellar Tech - Bharath T Rameash (CEO) & Kishan Sakhuja (COO) conceptualized Worqa - an adorably simple & user-friendly work management solution, with a vision to help SMBs across the globe and across the industries get work done - more effectively & measurably using one single platform. Being accessible on web & mobile (iOS & Android), Worqa addresses the myriad of problems that SMBs face on a daily basis, namely lack of accountability,inadequate recording system and no means of objectively tracking and measuring work done.

Making it Simple & Affordable
Unlike the giant corporates, most of the SMBs remain un-automated and linger on excel sheets, physical ledgers and e-mails, as they don’t have the budget to spend on ERPs and maintain them. Hence, its not only that there is no matrix available to map ‘work done to money earned’, but also even the predominant decisions like appraisal are based largely on assumptions and observations, which are often misleading. On the other hand, for the SMBs that spend considerable sums of money on ERP, it often becomes an added baggage, accounting to either the lack of human resource to enforce it or realizing that they actually don’t need such a vast system. In fact, all they need is a simple solution that drives and encourages the members of the organization to happily embrace and use. This is where Worqa pitches in with its plug & play model with little to no training, easy-to-use interface, and high cost-effectiveness, which act as a boon to manage work-process, especially for SMBs.

Bharath and Kishan like to call Worqa the 'world's easiest work management app'. An apt description' any one would say, after having taken a tour of this Instellar Tech initiative. This cloud based solution makes workflow management and communication with the team super-easy & mobile, while being accessible by just about any body in a company with a smartphone. A mere peek into Worqa is enough to recognize that it weaves in multiple tools seamlessly to help you get the work done on-the-go. Putting it in a nutshell, with Worqa, you can manage teams, communicate effortlessly, and objectively measure results - all in the click of a button with an extremely swift Turn Around Time(TAT). "Worqa makes getting the work done easy, effective and highly affordable. That is how we believe work should be dealt with and Worqa reflects our work philosophy perfectly,” further affirms Bharath. Possessing such an immense potential to simplify what could other wise be complex organizational issues, it's no wonder Worqa, through its SaaS model, has
attracted more than 250 SMBs as clients within a couple of months from launching and the user-base shows a powerful 'doubling' trend.

Worqa makes getting the work done easy, effective and highly affordable. That is how we believe work should be dealt with and Worqa reflects our work philosophy perfectly

Catering to the Need of the Hour

The 'cloud' formation, especially around the SMB sector has acted as a catalyst in Worqa's immediate acceptance, while the same is set to light its future. Indeed according to Global Industry Analysts, Inc. (a global research firm), the global market for Cloud Based Office Productivity Software is anticipated to hit $42.1 billion by 2024 and thriving along is cutting-edge SaaS models. "SaaS benefits probing into significant financial savings, it's no rocket-science that companies turn to SaaS products. Currently, more than 80 percent of the total performance apps across the world are being hosted and manoeuvred in cloud," opines Bharath, who is armed with a master's degree in Marketing & Strategy from Warwick Business School, UK. The annual growth rate of most successful SaaS vendors remain a steady 30 percent catching tremendous attraction from investors. As expected, the major wedge of these benefits goes into the account of SMBs, which shine with its mouthwatering forecasts for 2018. While indulging in this cozy setting, Worqa’s mission to achieve five million users by the end of 2019 is not a far cry from reality. "We want to encourage the startup ecosystem, and hence a team with less than 10 members can use Worqa for free. For teams with more than 10 members, our pricing plan starts at $1 per user post the free trial period," adjoins Kishan.

Success Costs a Strong Backend

Well, being successful is no wild luck, but the synonym of a strong backend with deep experience and know how. The expansive tech-background of Kishan and Bharath has played an instrumental role in devising Worqa. Bharath's excellent brand building and management skills coupled with keen financial acumen make him a force to reckon with when it comes to spotting global trends and creating & executing business models with ease, while Kishan on the other hand is fondly referred to as the 'digital guru,' not just by his colleagues but also by several companies that he advises in the field of online marketing and cloud computing.

Kalidoss Rajagopalan (CTO) has been the backbone behind developing Worqa, and one look at the product is enough to gauge his capability, whereas Worqa owes to Leela Kumar Srinivasan (Design Head) for its adorable user-friendliness and approach ability. "The three apostles of any successful digital brand are development, marketing and user engagement, which have been the buzzwords of Worqa's journey," sites Kishan, with a confidence that only comes from his deep experience spanning over 15 years.

The Big Bet for the Future Workplaces

With features like task manager, messenger, attendance,reports and geo location already creating quite a stir among the corporates who are using Worqa, there is an entire gamut of features that the team has planned for the upcoming versions, including calendar, notes, video conferencing and many more. The team, which indulges in a family like work culture, has been lending their ears to all the feedback that they have received from users, and although they believe in delivering what the customer needs, Bharath is very firm on the core philosophy of Worqa - simplicity.

Bharath puts it simple words, "Worqa has been designed for the future workplaces, where mobility and flexibility will be the key". Teams will not be confined to four walls, people will not be confined to one team, and offices will no longer be the dull, boring place that you grouchily drag yourself to everyday". "Office life becomes complete only with a considerable amount of social life, and Worqa will play an instrumental role in bestowing that most needed shift," adds Kishan. Being the game changer for its users, Worqa intrinsically puts forward an attractive proposition for investors to benefit from; in turn the company has received interest from many institutional investors thus far. However, with its efforts at moulding the platform through proper counsel and industry feedback without losing the core plot, Worqa is a big bet for future.

Key Management:

Bharath T Rameash, Co-Founder & CEO
The tech-savvy leader of Worqa, Instellar Tech Bharath possesses excellent brand building and management experience coupled with keen financial acumen, which make him a force to reckon with when it comes to spotting global trends and creating & executing business models with ease.

Kishan Sakhuja, Co-Founder & COO
Kishan is fondly referred to as the 'digital guru' not just by his colleagues but also by several companies that he advises in the field of online marketing and cloud computing.

Office: Chennai

Offering: Team Work Management App